Feel the Flow

Bosch eBike Systems


The smart system

The smart system points the way to the digital future for eBikes. The eBike Flow app, the battery, the display, the control unit, the drive unit and the Bosch eBike ABS are fully connected in the smart system. Regular over-the-air updates keep them up to date and add new features. You can control all functions of the smart system via the eBike Flow app. Whether you’re on your way to work or on the trail at the weekend: The technically and visually precisely tuned components allow you to customise your riding experience and take riding enjoyment to the next level.

Smart and powerful for Uphill Flow

Performance Line CX

Ride with the ultimate flow with the Performance Line CX motor. Experience intuitive handling and a unique riding sensation with this powerful and dynamic drive unit. With the smart system the drive unit is fully networked with the other components on your eBike - and with the eBike Flow app you can access digital features such as activity tracking and the eBike Lock, as well as easily keeping your eBike constantly up-to-date.


Remotes and displays


The Bosch eBike Systems smart system offers you different displays and controls that are perfectly tailored to your needs. If you ride an eMTB, then the sporty companion System Controller including Mini Remote and Kiox 300 are your ideal choice. If you mainly tend to use your eBike in the city, the LED Remote, Intuvia 100 and SmartphoneGrip are the perfectly fit for you.

NEW System Controller

The System Controller is the minimalist control unit for eBikes with the smart system, and is fully integrated in the top tube.

NEW Mini Remote

The Mini Remote on the handlebar is the perfect companion to the System Controller - for more functions, safety and comfort.

LED Remote

The intelligent control centre gives you access to numerous eBike functions. Its position on the handlebars and the ergonomic design make it easy to use.


NEW Intuvia 100

The Intuvia 100 display is easy and intuitive to use and offers excellent readability.

NEW Kiox 300

As a sporty companion on tours, Kiox 300 displays all relevant information and reliably guides you to your destination.



Versatile eBike power sources


The smart system batteries offer you the right level of power storage for every application. For long rides through demanding terrain, for example, you should choose the powerhouse PowerTube 750. Thanks to our know-how, many years of experience and intensive testing, Bosch eBike Systems batteries are among the safest on the market.

PowerTube 625

The PowerTube 625 is the perfect fit for eMTB adventures and longer treks.

PowerTube 750

The strongest and most robust PowerTube is made for long and demanding trail adventures! With this battery on board no mountain is too steep and no path too long.


All products and features in the smart system