Leaving the car at home and getting around by bike is the best thing you can do for yourself and the planet.

It improves your health, your quality of life and the quality of your environment, and that’s more than enough reason to think about buying yourself an ebike such as the Prime RX, the Prime X or the Thundra X. Ready fitted for a life in the city complete with fenders, rack and lights, they come fitted with tires suitable for tracks in the countryside too, so the same bike will do you for everything. The Mondraker Urban Cross is a perfect combination of endurance and technology, allowing you to depend on it regularly and then enjoy nature when you have some quality time to disconnect from the daily grind. And best of all, you’ll have pedaling assistance with enough range to last you all day. Undoubtedly it’s a lifestyle that over time, and thankfully, more of us are signing up for. Good for us and good for the rest of the planet.